SZ/CSA/77 Publicity Following the 1963 Nuclear Test Ban Treaty 1963

Contains 46 items being mainly correspondence between SZ and colleagues in which he asks them to write articles about the treaty, and correspondence regarding corrections and amendments to those articles. The file also contains drafts and final versions of SZ’s article ‘The nuclear test ban’, which was published in Nature, and a photograph of Lord Hailsham, Admiral Ricketts, Peter Thorneycroft, Lord Mountbatten, and SZ [taken at the talks?].

Correspondents include Sir Philip de Zulueta (Private Secretary to the Prime Minister), Harold Macmillan, Ronald Belchem, Sir Edward Bullard, and Sir John Rowlands (of the British Defence Staff, Washington).

Signing the Test Ban Treaty

Signing the Test Ban Treaty, Moscow 1963

The Test Ban Treaty (signed cover page of agreed text

The Test Ban Treaty (signed cover page of agreed text), 25.7.63