1899 b. of Jack Pritchard (8th June)

1900 b. of Rosemary (Molly) Pritchard (née Cooke)

1911-12 Jack Pritchard goes to Oundle School

1917 Jack Pritchard joins the Navy as a cadet at Keyham Naval College

1918 Jack Pritchard joins HMS Lion as a midshipman

1919 Jack Pritchard goes to London Polytechnic, then to Pembroke College, Cambridge

1922 Jack Pritchard graduates from Cambridge in Engineering and Economics; joins the Michelin Tyre Company as a trainee; at Clermont-Ferrand July-December, studying Scientific Management

1924 Marriage of Jack Pritchard and Molly Cooke (August)

1925 After a brief period as Advertising Manager for The Field, Jack Pritchard joins Venesta Ltd (September), working for them until 1936; begins his connection with the Design and Industries Association (eventually becoming Vice-President); visits the International Decorative Arts Exhibition, Paris

1926 Jack and Molly Pritchard move to 79, Platt's Lane, Hampstead, their home until 1934; b. of Jonathan Pritchard (October 9th)

1927 Projectors Club formed?

1928 b. of Jeremy Pritchard (August 23rd)

1929 Jack Pritchard and associates establish the Frobisher Fruit Company; Jack is commissioned to advertise and market Rowntree & Co.'s products and meets Wells Coates in the course of his work with Venesta Ltd, Coates having been commissioned by Cresta Silks to re-model their shops; site of Lawn Road Flats purchased

1929-30 While in Paris on behalf of Venesta, Jack Pritchard sees Le Corbusier's work at first hand

1930 Wells Coates & Partners Ltd incorporated, August (to become Isokon Ltd); at the instigation of Jack Pritchard and John Gloag Venesta commissions Le Corbusier, Charlotte Perriand and Jeanneret to design a stand for the Building Trades Exhibition at Olympia; Jack establishes a nursery school at 79, Platt's Lane, managed by Beatrix Tudor-Hart; meets Berthold Lubetkin while in Paris; designs a sideboard, 'The Oven'; with Mansfield Forbes, Serge Chermayeff, Howard Robertson and Wells Coates forms The Twentieth Century Group (July); with Wells Coates, visits the development at Weissenhof, Stuttgart, designed by Gropius, Mies van der Rohe, Le Corbusier and others (October)

1931 Jack Pritchard, Serge Chermayeff and Wells Coates tour Europe, visiting Berlin and the Bauhaus at Dessau and meeting Erich Mendelsohn, whose Metal Workers' Union building they also visit (March); PEP founded, with Jack a founder member (resigning in 1932); Wells Coates and Partners becomes Isokon Ltd

1932 Isokon Ltd incorporated; St Leonard's Hill, Windsor, scheme initiated; Jack Pritchard collaborates with Wells Coates, Maxwell Fry and others on the proposed Exhibition for Planned Industrial Construction (EPIC), [intended to be part of the Building Trades Exhibition?], Olympia (September)

1933 Work begins on Lawn Road Flats; Minimum Flat exhibited at the Exhibition of British Industrial Art, Dorland Hall (June); Jack Pritchard becomes Chairman of the Council of the Design and Industries Association; British branch of the Congrès International d'Architecture Moderne (CIAM) founded, becoming the MARS Group on the Executive Committee of which Jack was to serve; Jack meets Siegfried Giedion, secretary of CIAM, at a MARS Group meeting held at Jack's home

1934 Lawn Road Flats opened by Thelma Cazalet MP; Isokon (Windsor) formed; Isokon 2 Manchester scheme initiated; Jack Pritchard visits Switzerland and purchases a selection of furniture designed by Marcel Breuer from Wohnbedarf (October), with the intention of manufacturing and marketing it in Britain; Walter Gropius comes to England

1935 Isokon (Lawn Road) Ltd incorporated; Isokon 2 Birmingham scheme initiated; Isokon Furniture Company established; Walter Gropius becomes Isokon's Controller of Design; Jack Pritchard meets Laszlo Moholy-Nagy; Marcel Breuer begins his association with Isokon; Windsor scheme abandoned; Jack visits Finland in the company of Philip Morton Shand and Graham Reid, visiting Alvar Aalto's Paimio sanatorium building and the Finmar furniture workshops

1936 Walter Gropius commissioned to design Impington Village College; Breuer designs the Isokon Long Chair and Isokon nesting tables; Moholy-Nagy designs publicity leaflet for the Long Chair

1937 Isobar, designed by Marcel Breuer, opens; Half Hundred Club formed; Walter Gropius and Laszlo Moholy-Nagy go to the US; Moholy-Nagy establishes the 'New Bauhaus' in the US; Breuer succeeds Gropius as Controller of Design for Isokon; at Jack Pritchard's instigation John Lewis exhibit modern furniture by Isokon, Finmar, Thonet and others; Isokon exhibits at the Ideal Home Exhibition

1938 Marcel Breuer goes to the US; Comparative Broadcasts begins publication; Isokon furniture displayed at a MARS Group Exhibition, New Burlington Galleries (January)

1939 Jack Pritchard joins the Press and Censorship Bureau of the Ministry of Information; gives lectures at Charterhouse and to the Birmingham Design and Industries Association on design in plywood; Arthur Korn becomes a director of the Isokon Furniture Company; Egon Riss joins the company, designing the Gull, the Bottleship, the Pocket Bottleship and the Penguin Donkey

1940 Molly, Jonathan and Jeremy Pritchard and Jennifer Tudor-Hart evacuated to North America; Jonathan and Jeremy enrol at Upper Canada College, while Molly joins the Psychology Department at Harvard; Philip Harben leaves the Isobar to join the RAF and is replaced as manager by Robert Braun; Jack Pritchard resigns from the DIA

1943 Council for Domestic Equipment mooted; Board of Trade establishes the Furniture Industry Post-War Reconstruction Committee; Council of Industrial Design established; Molly Pritchard's article on rumour published by the Army Bureau of Current Affairs (January); Jack Pritchard buys Martham Boatyard; joins Laurence Bratt's company, Bratt Colbran

1944 Jack Pritchard goes to the US as a member of a joint party delegated by the Ministry of Fuel and Power and DSIR to study domestic heating in America (report published in 1946); scheme to establish an Isokon furniture factory in Llanelli initiated and abandoned; Molly Pritchard and the children return from North America

1945 Board of Trade establishes the Furniture Working Party, on which Jack Pritchard is invited to serve; the Martham Boat Building & Development Co. Ltd established (sold in 1985); Theta Club established to provide sailing holidays for children; the Pritchards buy a country home at Thurne, Norfolk

1946 FWP issues its report; Jack Pritchard joins Harris Lebus

1948 Jack Pritchard resigns from Harris Lebus

1949 Jack Pritchard joins the FDC, as Director and Secretary (to 1963); FIRA established; Jack visits the US on behalf of the Furniture Working Party, lecturing on modern furniture design in Cleveland, Ohio

1951 Jack Pritchard gives lecture to the RSA

1953 Jack and Fleetwood Pritchard commission David Pye to design and make a chair for the Master of Pembroke College, Cambridge for use at High Table

1954 Jack Pritchard makes a lecture tour of the US, speaking at Harvard, Yale, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

1956 Jack and Molly Pritchard injured in a car accident

1960 Jack Pritchard addresses DSIR Conference on furniture and ergonomics; work begins on the Pritchards' house 'Isokon', 8, Angel Lane, Blythburgh, designed for them by Jennifer and Colin Jones

1961 Jack Pritchard becomes a director of FIRA (to 1963); Jack gives a paper on science and design at the International Congress of Furniture Manufacturers, Stockholm

1962 Jack Pritchard and others establish the Henry Morris Memorial Trust

1963 Jack Pritchard retires from the FDC; joins GKN as a consultant; revives the Isokon Furniture Company

1965 Jack Pritchard is treated for Dupuytren's contracture [of the hand]; advises on the recruitment of a foreman for the woodworking workshop, Indian National Design Institute

1968 Lawn Road Flats sold to the New Statesman; John and Christine Webber join the board of the Isokon Furniture Company; John Alan Designs licensed to produce the Long Chair; Jack and Molly Pritchard embark on a world tour (to 1970), visiting Harvard for the celebrations marking the 85th birthday of Walter Gropius and also visiting Australia and the Far East; death of Fleetwood Pritchard

1969 Jack Pritchard lectures to the Royal Australian Institute of Architects on the Bauhaus

1970 Jack Pritchard lectures on Gropius in England at the Bauhaus-Archiv, Darmstadt

1971 Lawn Road Flats sold to Camden Council

1973 Jack Pritchard awarded Honorary Fellowship of RIBA; 'The Thirties' exhibition at the RCA

1974 'Hampstead in the Thirties' exhibition, Camden Arts Centre; exhibition of the work of Walter Gropius, 'Unity in Diversity' comes to Britain; Jack Pritchard awarded an honorary doctorate by the RCA, becomes a member of the Aldeburgh Festival Council, chairing its Design Committee (to 1976)

1975 Exhibition of Isokon furniture, UEA

1976 Jack Pritchard awarded the Bicentenary Medal of the RSA

1979-80 'Between the Wars' exhibition at the Hayward Gallery, with associated lectures at the RCA and the V&A by Jack Pritchard; agreement negotiated with Claud Bunyard Design on production of the Long Chair

1980 Isokon exhibition at the University of Newcastle upon Tyne

1984 Jack Pritchard lectures on Lawn Road Flats at the Architectural Association

1985 Death of Molly Pritchard

1986 Jack Pritchard visits design organizations in Poland, meeting Roman Terlikowski

1992 Death of Jack Pritchard (April 27th)