WELLS COATES 1929-1979

The series consists of four files

PP/23/1 Wells Coates: 1930-1932

PP/23/2 Wells Coates: 1929-1955

PP/23/3 Wells Coates: Boating interests and designs, 1946-1949

PP/23/4 Wells Coates: Obituary and related correspondence, 1958-1979

The series includes correspondence, press-cuttings and other documents relating to the work and designs of Wells Coates. One file is devoted entirely to his work on the Lawn Road Houses scheme, which preceded the building of Lawn Road Flats (the majority of

papers relating to Lawn Road Flats are to be found in Series PP/16). Coates’interest in sailing and in boat design is also reflected in the contents. The last file contains obituaries, appreciations, and correspondence with others after his death.

PP/23/1 WELLS COATES: 1930-1932

Contains 92 items of correspondence relating to the Lawn Road Houses scheme. The objective of the scheme was to provide Wells Coates and Jack Pritchard each with a house, and an office for Wells Coates & Partners Ltd - the company set up to manage the scheme. The scheme was further expanded to a development of 12 houses, but ultimately was abandoned, to be replaced by the Lawn Road Flats project. Wells Coates was responsible for providing a variety of designs for the scheme. The file also includes correspondence on a proposal to create a specimen house for exhibition.

PP/23/2 WELLS COATES: 1929-1955

Contains 169 items, from the years 1929-1939 and 1945-1955, of correspondence on: Coates’ interior design work, including that for the Cresta chain of shops, Venesta, and the BBC; his work on houses, in particular the Sunspan Houses and a house at Benfleet, Essex; his contribution to numerous exhibitions, including the Dorland Hall Exhibition; and his association with organisations and clubs such as the Design and Industries Association and the Half Hundred Club. Also included are some papers relating to the company Wells Coates & Partners Ltd, later Isokon Ltd, and the Lawn Road Flats project.


Contains 38 items of general correspondence and some photographs relating to Coates’ design of the Wingsail catamaran. A company, Wingsails Ltd, was set up to build boats to his design. Jack Pritchard’s involvement in the construction and use of the boats is described. There are also references to: the potential commercial market for model yachts; participation in exhibitions; and sailing on the Norfolk Broads.


Contain 38 items, dating from Wells Coates’death, covering the years 1958, 1964-1965 and 1969-1979 and including: obituaries and correspondence with his friends and colleagues; correspondence relating to proposals put forward by The Architectural Association to commemorate him, which included a book and an exhibition; and correspondence on the source of documentary records of Coates’ work. The latter may relate to Jack Pritchard’s researches when preparing his autobiography.