WELLS COATES 1929-1979

The series consists of four files

PP/23/1 Wells Coates: 1930-1932

PP/23/2 Wells Coates: 1929-1955

PP/23/3 Wells Coates: Boating interests and designs, 1946-1949

PP/23/4 Wells Coates: Obituary and related correspondence, 1958-1979

The series includes correspondence, press-cuttings and other documents relating to the work and designs of Wells Coates. One file is devoted entirely to his work on the Lawn Road Houses scheme, which preceded the building of Lawn Road Flats (the majority of papers relating to Lawn Road Flats are to be found in Series PP/16). Coates’ interest in sailing and in boat design is also reflected in the contents. The last file contains obituaries, appreciations, and correspondence with others after his death.